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I am the voice that has dwelled in the pits of anger, where the Brutes thrash in wild abandon and the innocent are smashed against black rocks covered in slime. I have been there and I have survived. I am the voice of the certainty that has been transcended. I am the innocent child that carries the memories of a centuries old man. My eyes betray my knowledge, but my smile betrays my eyes. Not without help, I have arrived at the peak of constraint and I will soon slide down the slope of non judgement. My fellow travelers can't yet see it in me. They are too used to what I was. So I bring the gift of promised revelation, of hope that stands after the dawn of hopelessness, when the veil of human knowledge is lifted and the heart of unborn wisdom emerges. I bring the gift of honest sight and firm hands. One night I left control in the middle of the night and I emerged full of light and translucent tears in the morning. I bring you my voice that travels through all barriers and brings the news that there is still hope in the long dangerous road ahead.

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