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I am the thought that shifts into another thought, and then another, without conclusion. I am the dream that fades from scene to scene without an end. My attention flows freely from petal to flower, from tree to bird, blasting away at conglomerations of spiders while becoming a spider on my own, slinking quickly down invisible bridges of untouchable skin. I surround the world with my recognition. I see the tendrils of the universal web and I run across them at ever increasing speed. From my mouth come the tales that have never started. From my eyes come the visions that can never end. I cry in long profusions of watery madness and the pools that form at my feet abound with life beyond descriptions, fearsome monsters out of nightmare and loving angels out of dream.

I bring you the hope of eternal discovery, beyond answers and conclusions, above certainty and foundation, and in the very heart of the fearsome storm of all storms. Touch my heart and become free of all determinations and ride with me on the winds of formless chaos.

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