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I am the unabashed presence of freshly discovered contortions. I am full in my red soft muscles and my pink moist skin. I bring the anxiousness of the misconstrued future, the telling sighs that can spell disaster on the wrong night. My hands are soft but firm. My forehead is not yet wrinkled. I have been opened and I have given myself complete, no inch of my valleys left dry, no trail of my mountains left unexplored. From that bloody fountain of dark surrender, I have sprung virginal and ready. In the brilliant world of renovated color and shining sound, I am the one that steps past the threshold, ready to take in another day, another afternoon when the birds sing and the strong hands of my lover are all around me.

My gift is the love that is always new. After violent battles and screaming deaths, I spring forth wide eyed, ready for new wonders, swollen, throbbing and full of new furious life, ready for the new conquest to begin.

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