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I am the solid clear vision that emerges naked in the morning from half opened eyes. Before the noises take shape and bring forth the girders of what is possible and what can be done and what cannot be done, I stand in unsullied defiance. I hold my heart before me, bloody and beating, unafraid. I push forth without hesitation, without a single thought of failure or defeat. My lust turns to solid virtue, my thoughts are clear and without gaps.

In moments of great stress, I bring the song of victory. In moments of laughter, I am quiet but I smile. My strength transcends the world and so it is true and pure. In my eyes, you may find the breath of hope that will allow you one more step, the firm pulse that will carry you through the maelstrom. I may not travel further with you, but our encounter will have proved irreplaceable.

Look for me again when all hope is lost. You will find me on the front lines, lifting the banner of hope high over my battered head. Don't stop to help me. Just take my clear eyes and never look back.

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