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I am the simple caress that has been rejected, the kiss that has found no lips to complete it, the thighs that find no meat to crush in their midst. I have been strong enough to set aside the pain and the utter hopelessness and I have emerged covered in green light. I hold the strength of simple effort, of feet that can take the cold but eyes that don't pull away from the light. My smile is true and my hands are soft. My hips are solid and my legs will carry me through a stormy night without complaint.

I come as an observer and in this job I change what I observe. I let my green light flow from my camera into the warm circle as its forming. I let it change and be changed. I let my friend direct me without lowering my head. I have found balance early and I rest on its furry shoulders.

Where I go I bring adventure and questions. When I leave, the snakes on my head carry my memories like little packets of spicy candy wrapped in green cellophane.

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