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I am innocence, complete and pure. My skin still shines with the light of its first awakening. I long for the water but shrink from the cold. I dip my naked feet into it and jump away, shrieking with laughter. Even through I fail to understand what goes on around me, I can feel my chest growing hot with happiness and  I can feel my hair tingle with the electric storm that rages all around me. In my bubbling song, I rage with it. With my restless hunting, I add to it and fill it with my wonder.

I run from mother to father, from old man to young boy, from river to tree, from sand to dirt. As I run, the air becomes just a little cooler, the dirt is just a little more fertile, the water is just a little more clean. In my open eyes, the world finds its renewal. I am unaware of this and in this ignorance lies my ultimate gift. As transient as the dust on my forehead, as endless as the stars from which it came.

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