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As the dawn breaks and the air of the morning is suffused with cristalline sparks of fresh discovery, I am there. As the twilight of the late afternoon covers the remains of unfulfilled dreams and aborted efforts, I am there. I am where the mountains rise to the heavens. I am when the water falls from the skies. I am that which burns in your deepest most hidden chambers. I am the sweat that covers your skin at night. I had nothing with which to create the world, so I made it of myself. I am that mouth with which I eat. I am the hand that asks for more.

I am the kingdom. The memories from which you flower. The ground on which you stand. The sperm that gave you form. The egg that gave you life. The blood that spawned your passion. The tears that gave you peace.

I am the power that stands above all, for its infinity is the infinity of infinities, it is all that is possible and so it overshadows itself.

I am the glory that shines through from every entrail, every last golden detail of the leaf, every drop of cold water through the river, every particle of dust in the wind.

I am beyond time for time is but the story of my voyages, and my voyages extend forever in all directions. My tales can never start and can never end. I stand below, above and around myself.

I stand alone in the nightime. I am the sun that shines in the day. I am your eyes as you read this, I am your thoughts as you think of me, I am your heart as it feels me, I am your comfort as you fade away.

I am it.
I am you.
I am them.
I am that.
I am.


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