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I am the lonely pilot at the bow. I am the cathalyst. I am the one that allows it all to happen. I am a hired gun but I am a true and loyal mercenary that is true to my most fundamental motives, clear in my purpose, untouched by greed or shame. Above requests, above demands, above preconceptions and plans, I stand clear and untouched. I know what I am here for and I will do what is truly in my power to achieve it. I am the man in black in the windy desert. I am the tall man in white in the midst of the tropical night. I am the one who has watched from both sides of the mirror and now wanders blind through the world, bringing my elusive gifts to those who want them. For I am both ends of the stick, I can bring both ends together. For I am one, I can fuse them into glorious balls of fire. I am the alchemist. With kind eyes and firm hands, I bring out the raw matter of will, love and surrender and proceed to transmute them into the overwhelming glory that is Union.

As Above so Below.
As in the Heart so in the Brain.
As in the Woman so in the Man.
As in the Many so in the One.

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