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She travels with a wide expanse of trailing cosmic dust at her back. Her inner holdings are full, but her shadow is fuller. The tautness of her skin barely serves to hide the nuclear explosions that occur underneath. And yet she surrenders.

He is burdened by old stories and half remembered dreams. His makeup cuts into his cheeks and his method has become so cumbersome that the hours have stretched into centuries. Not even a thousand years is enough time to make a choice. And yet he surrenders.

Together they radiate beyond themselves and become more than they have ever been (or will ever be). The mountains shiver with their power for an instant before returning to their eternal tranquility. The very air crackles and spits fire.

Yesterday it was not like this.
Tomorrow it will not be any longer.
But today, the truth is surrender and they both have come naked to give their ultimate gift to the world that opens at their feet like a flower. The world returns the gift with the cool wind that envelops them and the fiery light that shines over their heads.

They are One.
And as One they are All.
And as All, they are finally

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